EBC joins the Small is Beautiful campaign: Small scale installations support clean energy future and create local jobs

EBC, the European Builders Confederation representing construction micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, has joined the Small is Beautiful campaign to support small-scale renewable and co-generation installations in Europe. These installations are currently under threat in the Clean Energy Package negotiations, as Member States move to withdraw incentives, such as priority dispatch for the smallest renewable installations.

Eugenio Quintieri, Secretary General of EBC said “Small-scale renewable installations create sustainable jobs in the construction sector, which has a total direct workforce of 18 million people and contributes about 9% to the EU GDP. Putting the brakes on the development of small renewable installations will endanger the EU’s ambition to become a global leader inrenewable energy. Not only would this put a large amount of skilled, local and non-transferable jobs in our construction SMEs at risk, but would also threaten the engagement of EU citizens in cleaner energy. The energy transition cannot happen if we do not value the contribution of our small-scale renewable installers”.

James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe commented “It is vital that policymakers heed the sentiment of the European construction sector and support rules that will enable small scale renewables. Stifling small installations will harm the opportunities this segment offers to builders across Europe, likely costing jobs and economic growth. These are local and sustainable jobs that we need much more of, if we are to make the low-carbon economy a reality”.

Having Energy Cities – the mayors of over 1000 EU cities, REScoop – representing over 1 million EU energy cooperatives, UIPI – representing 5 million EU property owners and now EBC joining our campaign to protect small renewable installations shows the widespread cross-sectoral support for our campaign. The Small is Beautiful campaign is growing because our clean energy progress is at stake , we urgently need to develop a proportionate framework to enable small-scale renewables to thrive in Europe”, added Aurélie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe.

About Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful is a campaign to support small-scale renewable installations and cogeneration facilities as well as renewable demonstration projects in the EU. The aim of the campaign is to safeguard regulatory incentives such as priority dispatch, for small-scale installations and demonstration projects, currently under threat in the Clean Energy Package negotiations. This campaign is led by 15 trade associations including SolarPower Europe, AEBIOM, AIE, COGEN EUROPE, EBA (European Biogas Association), EBC (European Builders Confederation), EGEC Geothermal, Energy Cities, EPHA (European Heat Pump Association), EREF (European Renewable Energies Federation), EUREC, Euroheat & Power, OceanEnergy Europe, REScoop.eu, UIPI (International Union of Property Owners), SolarHeat Europe and WindEurope.

About theEuropean Builders Confederation EBC

Established in 1990, the European Builders Confederation EBC is a European professional organisation representing national associations of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises working in the construction sector. EBC is a member of UEAPME (the European association of micro-enterprises and SMEs), on behalf of which it chairs the UEAPME Construction Forum, and partner of Small Business Standards (the European association representing SMEs in standardisation), on behalf of which coordinates the interests of construction SMEs in European standardisation.

About SolarPower Europe

SolarPower Europe is a member-led association representing organisations active along the whole value chain. Our aim is to shape the regulatory environment and enhance business opportunities for solar power in Europe.

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