District heating plugged into precious industrial waste heat source

| CP Kelco in Lille-Skensved Denmark is a Huber Group company, manufacturing food industry ingredients. An element in their process is distillation of alcohol final condensation typically used to release large quantities of waste heat via cooling towers.

In 2016 CP Kelco, entered a cooperation with VEKS. (a west-Copenhagen district heating network). The aim was to obtain an efficient and flexible heat reclaim system without limiting production operations nor increase operational costs for CP Kelco, together with a cost-effective and stable supply of Green energy to the local district heating network of VEKS and its customers.

Consultants Viegand&Maagøe, specialists in energy efficiency projects, explored, analyzed, shaped and managed the project from start to finish. The project was rated to achieve a payback period of around 4 years.

The system is a combination of direct heat transfer through highly efficient heat exchangers and the incorporation of two 1,5 MW ammonia heat pump units from Mayekawa with Mycom piston compressors. It produces district heating water with temperatures up to 85 °C achieving extreme high overall system COP values exceeding 40. The entire heat pump system was designed, installed and commissioned in December 2017 by Svedan Industri Køleanlæg. This project at CP Kelco is an excellent example of cooperation between production industry and energy supply companies achieving both economic and environmental benefits.


EHPA invites everyone to submerge themselves in the possibilities that heat pumps are capable to offer in several industrial sectors. To read more stories the updated booklet is currently available on EHPA’s website.