Decarb Heat at EUSEW - The Green Revolution Starts at Home

| 20th June 2019 – 11.00-12.30 - as part of EUSEW 2019 Policy Conference at European Commission’s Charlemagne Building, Brussels



The Green Revolution Starts at Home


Event part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019

European Commission’s Charlemagne Building, Brussels

20th June 2019 – 11.00-12.30


Europe consumes most of its energy by heating and cooling households. With more than 80% of the heat delivered to buildings coming from obsolete, inefficient and polluting boilers, decarbonising this sector is crucial to achieve the Paris Agreement goals.


Heat pumps, district heating, cogeneration, biomass boilers and stoves, solar heat and geothermal energy: the solutions and technologies are already on the table! Moreover, projects such as RELaTED, PLANHEAT and Hotmaps are developing innovative tools to help our cities and regions with the development of sound heating & cooling infrastructures and policy frameworks.


DecarbHeat, Fedarene and Irena will cover these and other fundamental aspects looking at the full decarbonization of our heating & cooling sector by 2050, at The Green Revolution Starts at Home, an event organized within the 2019 EU Sustainable Energy Week.


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About EUSEW 2019

Organized by the European Commission, the EU Sustainable Energy Week is the biggest European Policy Conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders focus on sustainable energy issues, debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas. Next to the conference, the Networking Village brings the EUSEW Community together to forge alliances whilst the EUSEW Awards celebrate outstanding projects and ideas. Check the EUSEW programme.


About DecarbHeat 

It is an initiative of Bioenergy Europe, COGEN Europe, European Heat Pump Association, Euroheat & Power, European Geothermal Energy Council, European Partnership for Energy and the Environment and Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF. We bring together major players of the H&C industry behind one clear vision: a carbon neutral, efficient European H&C sector by 2050. In order to modernise our H&C supply, we advocate for massively deploying cutting-edge local renewable and energy efficient H&C solutions across Europe’s economy. Website: Email: