Danish homeowners highly satisfied with heat pumps

| 98% of Danish homeowners who have installed a heat pump were satisfied with their heat pump equipment, their installation and the heating cost savings they realised, according to a report by the Danish Energy Agency on the Danish experience with heat pumps and the barriers to a wider uptake of the technology in the country.

Today about 20,000 to 25,000 air source or ground source heat pumps are installed in Danish houses. There still remains considerable potential for heat pump technology in the country, if one considers that there are about 300,000 oil boilers and 400,000 natural gas boilers in the Danish housing stock. To explore the experience of homeowners with heat pumps and the barriers to a wider deployment of the technology the Danish Energy Agency conducted a quantitative survey among 401 homeowners that have installed a heat pump, as well as 30 qualitative telephone interviews.

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Source: hydrocarbons21.com