COP24 - Multi-effect solutions in the heating and cooling sector for a clean planet with clean air!



On the day of the event organised by the Polish government at COP24 on “Action, finance and technology for clean air”, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and the Polish Heat Pump Association (PORT-PC) have issued the following joint declaration:


1. Heating and cooling needs to become the new priority of climate action

The heating and cooling sector represents more than 50% of EU’s total energy consumption today and it will remain important in 2050 for domestic, commercial and industry consumers. Modernising heating and cooling is required to achieve the decarbonisation targets in Europe and worldwide.


2. Multi-effect solutions (such as heat pumps) should be given special attention

Cost-effective political action entails achieving several societal goals with integrated solutions. Modern heating and cooling systems, such as heat pumps, do not only help mitigating climate change, they also reduce local air pollution and increases air quality, improving the health of Europe’s citizens. They are also the only solutions providing smart, efficient and renewable-based thermal energy in the form of both heating and cooling in all sectors, while optimising the operation of other technologies, networks and businesses.


3. Leaders need to act now!

Multi-effect solutions in the heating and cooling sector, such as heat pumps are already available today. EHPA and PORT-PC call upon local, regional, national, European and global leaders to put the right policy and market frameworks in place to facilitate and support their deployment for a clean planet with clean air.


Download the joint declaration here