Comment on today's ITRE's vote: A key policy tool for a sustainable Europe

The ITRE Committee of the European Parliament voted today on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, adopting with a large majority an ambitious position. 

EHPA believes that a strengthened Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is a key policy tool for a competitive and sustainable industrial Europe and it therefore expresses its satisfaction with the work carried out in the ITRE Committee and the broad consensus received by the text. 

Thomas Nowak said: ‘It is refreshing to see that the need to modernise Europe’s building stock received such a strong support in ITRE! We are also pleased to see that decarbonising the heating and cooling sector is now among the new priorities in the Directive! Congratulations to the rapporteur and the shadows for their work and let’s hope that their level of ambition will be passed over to the Council!’.