Clean Air Program and the opinion of the Industry Agreement for Energy Efficiency in the scope of the National Energy and Climate Plans



At the end of 2018, representatives of leading industry associations related to building technology signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of energy efficiency. Seven industry organizations committed to cooperate to support the Clean Air program in the consultation of the National Plan for Energy and Climate for 2021-2030, as well as the implementation of the revised directives on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and the Green Building and other state and public administration initiatives. At the beginning of February 2019, the agreement adopted the name of the Industry Agreement for Energy Efficiency POBE.


In recent days, the Industry Energy Efficiency Agreement has issued its opinion on the 2030 Plan for Energy and Climate Project. According to seven associations, the draft National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 proposed by the Ministry of Energy does not meet the basic requirements for the transition to a low-carbon economy and will not allow to meet the objectives of the common climate policy in 2030 and 2050.


According to the organization, there is an urgent and strong need to create a new plan and to base itself in it on the assumptions contained in the study of REMAP 2030 prepared for the European Commission and the IRENA organization.


Organizations pointed to the need to meet the requirements of the new European Union climate policy, which obliges Poland to create an effective national model of action responding effectively to environmental and climate challenges, as well as positively stimulating Poland's economic development.


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