Civil society and industry in joint push for a climate neutral economy

| A press statement by the Electrification Alliance

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Today, a broad group of 100 organisations from major industrial sectors and civil society calls on EU policymakers to accelerate the uptake of clean and renewable electricity as the most cost-effective and energy efficient strategy to deliver a climate neutral Europe.


The European Commission’s Long Term Decarbonisation Strategy “A Clean Planet for All” showed that renewable and decarbonised electricity must increase significantly, replacing fossil fuels in Europe’s energy mix, as a precondition to meeting our climate and energy objectives.


Electrification has the potential to profoundly reshape Europe’s economy, revitalise its industry and ensure a clean and healthy environment for its citizens. It can drastically cut Europe’s €5bn per week bill for fuel imports, reduce energy consumption by 4-8 times and address the severe health risks associated with poor air quality.


To fulfil the vision of climate neutrality, necessary investments in network infrastructure, smart solutions and renewable energy generation must start now. Policies must be geared towards this objective.

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The Declaration released today calls on EU policymakers to deliver a meaningful Green Deal and fast-track Europe’s electrification by:


  • Mainstreaming clean and direct electrification in the heating, cooling and transport sectors (including heat pumps and electric vehicles), as the most cost-effective and energy efficient strategy to address climate change;
  • Supporting a robust industrial strategy towards climate neutrality to ensure Europe’s leadership in renewables-based, decarbonised and digital electricity solutions including electrolysers;
  • Ensuring that investments in energy networks, especially smart electricity grids, support the transition to a climate neutral economy;
  • Modernising the energy taxation regime to accelerate the shift towards decarbonising electricity consumption and increased uptake of clean electricity in end-use sectors;
  • Securing sufficient financing in the EU budget to support regions and Member States with a different starting point, including a meaningful Just Energy Transition Fund;
  • Targeting Research and Innovation funding to accelerate a cost-effective transition in hard to abate sectors (e.g. cement, shipping, aviation), notably through an increase of the Horizon Europe budget to €120 bn.


Upon the release of the Declaration, Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation and co-architect of the Paris Agreement, said: “The Electrification Alliance is delivering a clear signal to European Union decision-makers that they should be confident in committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Electrification must be the dominant way forward in the clean energy transition – and European businesses are prepared to pave the way. This, hand in hand with the European Green Deal, is a unique opportunity to carve out the EU’s leadership on climate action and decarbonisation on the global stage”.


“Electrification is the most important solution to turn the vision of a fossil-free Europe into reality. We are determined to deliver, but we must be mindful of the different starting points and secure sufficient financing to ensure a fair transition”, said Magnus Hall, President of Eurelectric.




The Electrification Alliance, founded in 2017, gathers strong advocates of the Paris Climate Agreement in a call to recognise renewable, clean and smart electricity as the key energy carrier for an efficient and decarbonised European future. In doing so, the Alliance members are working towards enabling technologies to advance Europe’s competitiveness, economic growth, job creation, and the promotion of a sustainable society for European citizens.


Association of Electrical Contractors (AIE) is the voice of the electrical contracting industry in Europe. With 1.8 million professionals in over 300.000 businesses with a turnover of over EUR 200 billion, electrical contractors provide electrical installations for buildings and infrastructure, enabling cities and citizens to take part in the Energy Transition. Addressing energy, mobility, climate and skills policies, AIE is engaged at EU level to foster synergies between electrical contractors and European regulators.


Eurelectric represents the interests of the European electricity industry. With members in over 30 European countries, we speak for more than 3,500 companies in power generation, distribution and supply. We seek to contribute to the competitiveness of our industry, provide effective representation in public affairs and promote the role of electricity in the advancement of society. For more information, visit:


European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe. Our Members consist of National Associations supporting and encouraging the use of electromobility across Europe. We currently have active members in 17 European countries, whose total membership comes close to 1000 members with a commercial interest in electromobility. For more information, visit:


European Climate Foundation (ECF) was founded in 2008 as a major philanthropic initiative to help tackle climate change by fostering the development of a low-carbon society at the national, European and global level. We support over 280 partner organisations to carry out activities that contribute to the public debate on climate action, drive urgent and ambitious policy in support of the objectives of the Paris Agreement and help deliver a socially responsible transition to a net zero emissions economy and sustainable society in Europe and around the world.


European Copper Institute (ECI): Headquartered in Brussels and part of the International Copper Association, the European Copper Institute brings together the copper industry and its partners, to make a positive contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to support markets for copper.  This by engaging both on regulatory matters and via market development programs, working in close cooperation with our members, who represent the whole copper value chain (copper producers, smelters, recyclers and fabricators).


European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) is a forward-looking association aiming at putting heat pumps at the centre of the energy system by communicating the benefits of heat pump technology, providing relevant information and being a reference point and integrator to all stakeholders. All activities aim at creating a market environment that facilitates a faster deployment of heat pump technology to unleash its benefits on a European level: efficient heating and cooling using renewable energy. For more information, visit