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| EHPA’s attempt to brew beer! Vote for it on Facebook


Vote our Beer! 


Calor ImperiAle – EHPA’s attempt to brew beer! Vote for it on Facebook,  "like" the post so that it enters officially the beer market , with the code BS#0268

In EHPA we have always found creative ways to communicate about heat pumps – we have used candies, ice cream and even flowers to make heat pumps more friendly to our target groups! 

Last Christmas, as part of our team building activities,  we decided to produce our own beer recipe. We organised a workshop at Beerstorming brewery and after a lot of fun, "hard" work and a couple of months of “brewing” our beer is ready. 

The result is the "Calor ImperiAle", a beer with a taste of butternut, pumpkin and a hint of cajun. The name of our beer is inspired by the word heat pumps in Spanish “Bomba de Calor”.

This activity could open exciting future opportunities for us. In fact, Beerstorming is organising a Facebook contest involving all beer recipes that were invented made during their workshops. The beer that receives most "Likes" will be the winner, and it will start to be produced and sold in Belgium. Its inventors will also get a share of the production.

Having the "Calor ImperiAle" as the first heat pump (inspired) beer to be marketed in Belgium, can be a valuable asset in our future dissemination campaigns. It can also be used as a tool to enable more collaboration between the heat pump industry and Belgian breweries since this industry could significantly benefit from heat pumps in its beer-making processes.


Therefore, please support us to reach the market, voting for our beer!


Vote here, by "liking" the post with the code BS#0268 - Calor ImperiAle


If you are a beer lover,  don't hesitate to visit the Beerstorming brewery to taste it!