Building Simulation 2021 conference in Bruges

| September 1-3, 2021


You can register for the entire conference, featuring over 400 peer reviewed presentations and going in-depth into the field of building and energy simulations, here.

If you wish to participate only on Impact Day, September 1, with the anthology of keynotes and 6 parallel sessions including many sessions pivotal to practice with use cases, please register via this link.


Not only the reduced cost of early registration (€350 early bird until the end of July versus €400 on-site) but also the limited available places for health and safety reasons (currently an estimate of 300 available places on top of the 400 academic people already registered) are reasons to register early to actually join us, on this knowledge exchange summit.

In all likelihood, it will be the first leading international energy conference on the safe side of the post COVID era, where we normally expect 600 to 800 attendees (typically a mix of 70% researchers and 30% industry and practitioners). We named the first day Impact Day, and expect the participation of many architects, engineers, practitioners and policy makers... it will be a true fusion of research and practice. It will also be open to practitioners who want to make it a one-day registration for a practice-oriented first conference day. The post COVID challenge is, and will continue to be the challenge we call energy transition.


The conference also aims to intensively involve practitioners, in addition to the more deeply immersed expert audience, in the world of building performance simulations.

These are mainly front running architects and engineers, but also students (especially PhD students) in the energy and building domain, as well as the manufacturers and policy makers.

The organisation remains quite challenging with the current situation, although today the outlook looks favourable and strict security measures are being taken. We also have “what if” scenarios, but it will certainly not be a behind-the-screens event. After all, those calls and webinars miss an essential part of the experience, inspiration and personal interaction, and that’s exactly what we are looking forward to in a safe way. In the organising committee we reflected upon the situation earlier this week and observed a total of 529 reviewed qualitative papers, most of which will be presented. Thus, the members of the IBPSA community are also yearning for the event. We have, therefore, decided to continue the efforts for this organisation and only postpone it if the pandemic situation would yet hamper the event.

For companies that would still consider a sponsorship, the standard packages can be found at this link.