Breakfast Debate at the EU Parliament - 9 April 2019

| Industrial and Commercial Heat Pumps: the unpolished gem in Europe’s energy transition necklace



Breakfast Debate

Industrial and Commercial Heat Pumps 

The unpolished gem in Europe’s energy transition necklace


9 April 2019

8.00 - 9.30

Members Salon, European Parliament, Brussels




Integration of renewable energy in the residential and commercial sectors is already feasible with existing technologies. Decarbonising the transport and industrial sectors is a much more difficult challenge. This breakfast event will focus on the largely overlooked opportunities that high capacity and high-temperature heat pumps can provide to production processes in many applications. DryFiciency a project focusing on high-temperature heat pumps for industrial processes will also be presented. 


If fully used, the potential of current technologies is estimated at approx. 10% of the total industrial energy demand. Ongoing research can further improve it. This potential needs to be fully recognised by the different legislators in order to achieve EU energy and climate goals. Speakers will give an overview of the technology, opportunities and challenges, and discuss with the audience how a decarbonization friendly legislation could look like.


The event will be also web-streamed on the SME Europe Facebook Page.

If you want to attend the event only online, please register to the appropriate event form "web-streaming of the Breakfast Debate".



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