4th Project Webinar - Training and re-training all along the value chain





EHPA is pleased to invite you to its Online Project Talks series. Bringing together the knowledge gained from our projects and linking it with likeminded initiatives from outside our organization. 
On the 29th of October 2020 from 10:30 to 12:00 CET we will host the fourth episode of our series: “Training and re-training all along the value chain” , in which we will present four innovative initiatives that strive for fostering new skills in the energy sector.

More in details:

  • Welcome speech, by Irene Egea Saiz (EHPA)
  • "HVAC value chain: New challenges request new skills"- CEN-CE Project, by Johann Zirngibi (CSTB)
  • "Project Heat4Cool: Training the next generation of HVAC professionals", by Serena Scotton (EHPA)
  • "Heat Pump Design Skills and Training Proposal" - GeoAtlantic Project, by Richard Cochrane (University of Exeter)
  • "Skills4Climate: improving climate-related skills for Electrical contractors across Europe", by Julie Beaufils (Europe-On)


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