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The KEYMARK schemes join forces on safeguarding energy efficiency in supply and usage


The KEYMARK schemes decided to join forces to promote the importance of certified quality products and their role in creating a secure and affordable energy supply system in the European market. With the help of KMO, the KEYMARK Management Organization, the Heat Pump KEYMARK, Solar KEYMARK and Insulation KEYMARK launched a joint social media campaign with the headline: Quality is a choice. Choose KEYMARK.

According to Piet Vitse, Co-Chairman of the Insulation KEYMARK scheme, “Specifying and using highly qualified thermal insulation products in the European industry is one of the best possible investments in terms of efficiency and energy performance. KEYMARK certified products support the EU Green Deal.” Indeed, the “energy & climate” wave across Europe needs pan-European and well-coordinated actions, especially as the current energy crisis requires commonly focused solutions. At the same time, since within the Green Deal, other energy-related actions are included, such as energy savings, eco-design, sustainability, digital, and circular economy, the more the voluntary pan-EU schemes can support the EU, the better. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the products used in the process are of certified quality and have a reliable performance. 

“The KEYMARK certification enables manufacturers to directly enter multiple markets, on a European level and beyond while ensuring regulatory compliance and mid-term cost savings. For end-users, it means that certified products are safe, reliable and of high quality” explains Tarik Bellahcene, Head of the Heat Pump KEYMARK Secretariat. The statement is confirmed by Andreas Bohren, Chairman of the Solar KEYMARK network: “The KEYMARK certification enhances the competitiveness of the sector, pushing all actors to deliver the best products. It also simplifies the process of bringing new products to the market, as they benefit from a standard testing procedure and a certification that is valid across Europe.” 

The joint campaign lasted four weeks and included a variety of content. It featured four of the main representatives of the certification mark, who provided valuable testimonies on the added value of having certified products on the market. Throughout the campaign, multiple short videos were released, providing useful insights on the schemes, explaining the role of the KEYMARK, the benefits of having certified products, how the KEYMARK supports green technology and what makes it reliable. Finally, the campaign also included visuals and pictures representing each scheme, as well as useful links for anyone wanting to learn more about the KEYMARK. 

The campaign has already proven to be fruitful, gathering over 6.000 impressions and receiving a great response from the online community. If you are curious and would like to take a look for yourself, follow the KEYMARK certification on Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information about the certification, its benefits, and the overall application procedure, visit the KEYMARK website

This initiative will not be the only joint effort between the schemes. The representatives are meeting regularly to discuss the next steps to take. A social media and content strategy training was given from the Heat Pump KEYMARK to align the skills between the #KEYMARKfamily members and ensure cohesion in all online activities. We look forward to collaborating even further and supporting each other in this collective effort.

Contact details

Ms. Danaé Kokkalis.

Email: danae.kokkalis@ehpa.org

Note to the editor

The Heat Pump KEYMARK certificate is a guarantee of product quality providing one-stop access to the European market. Based on independent, third-party testing, the mark demonstrates a commitment to safe, reliable and efficient products through full compliance with European Regulations. Heat Pump KEYMARK is owned and operated by CEN/CENELEC. The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) acts as the secretariat for the scheme.

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