Regulation on Security of Gas


About one quarter of all the energy used in the EU is natural gas and many EU countries import nearly all their supplies. Some of these countries are also heavily reliant on a single source or a single transport route for the majority of their gas. Disruptions along this route caused by infrastructure failure or political disputes can endanger supplies. For instance, the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine in 2009 disrupted supplies to some EU countries.

Role of heat-pump applications

Every year 40% of the total energy consumed in Europe is used for the generation of heat for either domestic or industrial purposes. The use of heat is currently not being optimised. Heat pumps can help increasing energy security. Heat pumps are efficient, use renewables and thus reduce GHG emission. In addition, more heat pumps result in a growth of local jobs and create a real alternative to the EU’s dependency on fossil fuel imports. EHPA’s recent paper ‘winter is here’ shows how an increased number of heat pumps over time could put an end to the need of Russian gas imports to Europe. This particular scenario would be paired with the creation of 333,772 additional jobs [1]. The heat pump industry is mature and ready to deliver. From residential to industrial applications, from heating and cooling, heat pumps offer a variety of solutions to increase energy security. 

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