Heating and Cooling Strategy


Heating and cooling matters: around 45% of final energy consumption in the EU is used for heating and cooling our homes, stores, offices and factories. Around 70% of the energy used in buildings is used for heating and cooling. The heating and cooling sector can make an exceedingly large impact on reaching EU energy efficiency, RES, and GHG emission reduction targets and achieving energy security. 

The role of heat-pump solutions

To make the abovementioned impact, an efficient heating and cooling sector using pre-dominantly renewable energy sources must become an integral part of the European energy system. This is where heat pumps come in: heat pumps are amongst the most efficient devices for heating, cooling and hot water use and increase energy efficiency in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. On top of that, heat pumps are enablers of a higher share of RES in energy systems. 

Policy state of play

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EHPA policy work


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Next steps

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