Energy Union Package


One of the Juncker Commission´s five priorities is a new European Energy Union. In February the Energy Union Package was presented. The goal of a resilient Energy Union with an ambitious climate policy at its core is to give EU consumers - households and businesses - secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy. Achieving this goal will require a fundamental transformation of Europe's energy system. Energy Union is structured around five dimensions: supply security, internal energy market, energy savings, emissions reductions and research & innovation.  

The role of heat-pump solutions

Heat pumps can help meeting the abovementioned objectives of the Energy Union by contributing in all its dimensions.
Heat pumps can eliminate the need for fossil fuel imports coming from politically unstable regions to be used for heating. Heat pumps contribute to a well-functioning internal market by bridging electric grids and thermal networks. Serving as thermal batteries, they provide demand response capacity. In future smart cities/regions, they will be at the heart of energy-optimised buildings and infrastructure integrating different energy technologies. Heat pumps are amongst the most efficient devices for heating, cooling and hot water use and increase energy efficiency in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Heat pumps are enablers of a higher share of RES in complex energy systems. Heat pumps decarbonise our economies by using sustainable energy from air, water and ground. Heat pump applications offer a variety of solutions to keep the European industry competitive. The heat pump industry is mature and ready to deliver.

Policy state of play

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Next steps

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