The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary environmental labeling scheme created in 1992. The overall objective of the scheme is to promote products with reduced negative environmental impacts, when compared with similar products in the same product group, thus contributing to the efficient use of resources and a high level of environmental protection. The EU Ecolabel may be awarded to products, which have a reduced environĀ­ mental impact during their entire life cycle. In doing so the scheme contributes to making consumption and production more sustainable.

The role of heat-pump solutions

Heat pumping applications can collect heat from a range of renewable sources (air, ground, water). These applications contribute to improved energy efficiency, reduction or prevention of the risks for the environment and for human health related to the use of hazardous substances, lower global warming impact.

The EU Ecolabel can be awarded to electrically driven, gas driven or gas absorption heat pumps with the purpose of space heating or the opposite process space cooling, with a maximum heating capacity of 100 kW. Heat pumps exclusively providing hot water for sanitary use, and those only extracting heat from a building are excluded. 

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