A forgotten heart of the Energy Union?

May. 28, 2015 | Press release: 8th EHPA European Heat Pump Forum

Today, as discussions have started in the European Parliament on the Energy Union, the same topic was discussed – with a very different approach – at the start of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) Forum 2015. 

EHPA President Martin Forsén shared his vision on the future of Europe’s energy system and the ‘heatpumpification’ of society. ‘Heat pumps provide renewable and efficient solutions for space heating cooling, hot water for residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are also a cheap and available energy storage option and help balancing the electricity grid. They can be combined with other renewable technologies, waste-treatment, with district heating, CHP and even used in dryers, dish-washers and cars.’ 

'Heat pumps are not just ANY technology. They are a smart solution to be used when possible in order to avoid wasting energy, the same way as a fridge is an undisputed solution to avoid spoiling food!

EHPA’s call to the Commission to put heat pumps 'at the heart of the Energy Union’ was answered by Vice-President Sefcovic himself.  In a video message, he recognised the technologies role in meeting all the objectives of the Energy Union (climate change mitigation, energy security, competitiveness) and expressed his personal and his administration’s support to encourage their further deployment through upcoming EU policies on heating and cooling, market design, circular economy and research.

The Forum’s morning sessions also shed further light on the potential and the challenges for heat pumps in the EU policy framework (gas and electricity prices, building and energy related product policies) and presented the promising applications for industrial processes.

The afternoon’s session will focus on the role of local authorities and their experiences with heat pumps, with a keynote speech from Brussels Energy Minister Céline Fremault. Later on the menu of today: the state of discussions on the international green goods agreements by DG TRADE and a presentation of successful national heat pump markets.


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