EHPA welcomes Thermowatt

May. 07, 2015

THERMOWATT Ltd was established specifically for energy utilization of waste-heat and started researches and system-designs in this field in 2009. It successfully developed a sustainable technological solution to utilize energy resided in wastewater to cool and/or heat bigger buildings in a modern, environmental friendly and economical way. 

Using this international innovation-award winner (2013, 2014 WEX Global, 2015 Innovate@IWS), patent protected, heat-pump based technology heat is recovered from as well as rejected to a hidden and rarely used energy source, the wastewater. With this form of alternative energy there is no hazardous waste or toxic emission, no unnecessary water consumption, no complicated transportation or expensive installation.

There are already 3 systems of 1MW - 3.8MW sizes running in Hungary amongst slightly different circumstances filling dissimilar system-requirements: a cultural centre, the HQ of the Budapest Sewage Works (office buildings and warehouse spaces), and a Military Hospital. Thermowatt has designed, constructed and now operates these systems.