EHPA welcomes Electra Air Conditioning Industries

Apr. 21, 2015

ELECTRA Israel is owned by ELCO Holding, a 2,4 Billion USD Israeli Company, former shareholder of the Airwell Group.
Since 1945 ELECTRA produces air conditioners, today at the rate of 250.000 units a year, of which 110.000 are inverter heat pumps. Today ELECTRA produces its heat pump range only with inverter and variable compressor- fan speed.
Early 1997 ELECTRA started with the development of its own DC Inverter technology, single-and 3 phase electrical current, ranging from 2 to 18 kW heating capacity.
The ELECTRA research and heat pump design is solely driven by European Standards and -Conformity.
ELECTRA supplies its Air Source outdoor unit to heating companies in Europe, to complete their split Inverter Air to Water heat pump range.