Energy Union Package – A Union in action, yet badly fuelled

Feb. 25, 2015

The European Commission has adopted today the much awaited "Energy Union Package".

Thomas Nowak comments: “The Energy Package adopted by the Commission today offers a comprehensive view of the energy challenges to be addressed by the EU but it fails to picture the right mix. We welcome the announcement of a strategy and actions on heating and cooling and the determination towards energy efficiency and renewables. But why is so much energy put in replacing the gas dependency of the EU to one country by the dependency to another, when reducing the overall dependency is possible as of today?”

EHPA calls for the Energy Union to give primary consideration to secure, efficient and sustainable solutions for heating and cooling.
Heat pump solutions should be at the heart of the Energy Union. They contribute to all its objectives (sustainability, energy security and competitiveness). They make use of a range of mature and reliable technologies and can be used for different applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Find the full position here.