Advertising on the EHPA Website

The target group

The EHPA website reaches primarily a clearly defined target group of international heat pump professionals from the areas research & development, production, marketing, planning, installation and other stackholders as well as decision makers, politicians, organisations and lobby groups.

The statistics

The statistical data of the website underline the increasing interest in this information tool.

The page ranking

The EHPA website is ranked under the "Top Ten" of all essential Internet search engines. This "pool position" provides a good opportunity to spread interesting information on heat pump technology as well as EHPA activities world-wide.

The direct response

Every time the intended audience of your promotion visit the EHPA website, the result is brand recognition of your company and product. Visitors will have the opportunity to click through to your website via the linked advert.

The order of banner display

Display of the banners occur in a random order at every access to the website.

The rates

Only EHPA full members and associate members have the opportunity to place an statical interactive banner on the EHPA website. It should be submitted in a standard size (150 x 45 pixels) using either "gif" or "jpg" format, or any other format that can be constructed using HTML statements.

The banner prices for contracts starting in 2013 are as follows:

  • full members: 1 500,- € plus VAT

Service contact:

Maja De Noyette

Tel: +32 24 00 10 17

Fax: +32 24 00 10 18
E-mail: maja.denoyette @