Winter is coming.

| How to get rid of Russian gas imports in a sustainable way?

With the upcoming heating season, the question of energy supply security and affordability of heating is moving to the centre stage of the political agenda. Smart decisions are needed to reduce Europe’s energy dependency on fossil fuels in the heating sector, while helping EU Member States to meet long-term efficiency, environmental and green growth objectives.

With more than 6 million installed units, heat pumps have proven their reliability. The technology is an affordable and efficient option to provide heating, cooling and hot water for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

A study using EHPAs market data reveals: an additional 54 million heat pumps can put an immediate end to the need for Russian gas imports to Europe.

Aiming to achieve this goal over the next 15 years would not only significantly reduce Europe’s import dependency but would also be a key enabler towards meeting Europe’s ambitious energy goals for 2030. In fact it would make those goals today perceived as "too ambitious" realistic and achievable.

In 2030, a total of 60 million heat pumps in operation would provide 60 Mtoe of renewable energy, reduce energy demand by 37 Mtoe and reduce GHG emissions by 181 Mt. This would also go hand in hand with the creation of 333,772 additional jobs. 

This vision is realistic because many heat pump markets have left their infancy status and have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to allow for double digit growth.

An annual market growth of 17% across Europe would be needed. It can be triggered by swift and decisive actions taken by the EU and its Member States, such as:

  • acknowledging and raising awareness on the assets and the potential of heat pumps for energy security, climate change mitigation and green growth in Europe;
  • reducing the competitive advantage of other less efficient, less environmentally friendly and/or less indigenous energy sources;
  • boosting investment in heat pumps (one of the few technologies currently not benefitting from almost any public funding, according to recent EC study).

               Heat pumps, will help Europe get prepared for this winter…

                                    …and the winters to come!

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All figures in this note result from processed data from EHPA market and statistics report 2014. The document and the forecast approach is available upon request by contacting