Update on "Heat Pumps: Best-in-class technology for heating & cooling" event

| Marcos Gonzalez-Alvarez (DG Energy) and Peter Wagener (Dutch Heat Pump Association) confirmed their participation as speakers

We are glad to announce that Marcos Gonzalez-Alvarez from DG Energy, Energy efficiency of products has accepted our invitation to present the Commission's expectations to Ecodesign and Energylabel for boilers and heaters. 

Moreover, Peter Wagener from the Dutch Heat Pump Association will explain the implementation status of the Ecodesing and Energy Labelling Directives. 

A moderated discussion will start afterwards so that the opinions from industry, testing and certification bodies and other heat pump stakeholders are expressed. 

The "Heat Pump: Best-in-class technology for heating and cooling" event will take place in 19/02/2014 at Jenk room in Charlemagne building from 16.30 to 18.00. 

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Contact person: Eirini Litina, eirini.litina[at]ehpa.org