The first EHPA European Heat Pump Quality Label in Finland has been awarded

| The first European heat pump quality label – the EHPA Quality Label (EHPA QL) – in Finland was awarded to the heat-pump manufacturer Lämpöässä and its Esi/Vm model series.

The Finnish Heat Pump Association has now, for several years, been an official member of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) Quality Label Committee. The Quality Label was awarded by the Finnish National Quality Committee, which supervises and develops the quality of heat-pump industry products and functionality in Finland. The National Quality Committee that awarded the Quality Label consists of experienced energy-industry experts. It includes independent representatives from Aalto University, the Finnish Refrigeration Enterprises Association (FREA), the Finnish HVACR Association (SuLVI), the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and SULPU. There are also three representatives from the heat-pump industry in the Committee.

In order to ensure high-quality heat-pump installations, EHPA has developed a Quality Label System, the requirements of which are consistent with the EU ECOLABEL Directive. The National Quality Committee supervises the Quality Label awarding in Finland and performs the required quality-verification inspections. The Quality Committee awards heat pumps the quality label on the basis of the EHPA Quality Label System and its rules. This European quality-label system is in use in as many ten EU countries now, and the quality label has already been awarded to more than 3000 heat-pump types.

The quality-label awarding criteria consist of the technical performance of the appliance, based on the test results of an accredited testing facility, the inspection of the technical functioning of the appliance as well as of product warranty and the sufficient availability and accessibility of spare parts. Furthermore, the Quality Committee inspects the efficiency of the local maintenance organisation and country-specific documentation, such as instruction manuals.

The European Quality Label is an important step for us not only in the domestic market but also in our export business – says Heikki Lahtinen, Managing Director from Lämpöässä.

System quality plays a key role in the tremendous success story of the heat-pump market. The European Quality Label is an essential part of this, not forgetting the correct planning, installation, introduction and maintenance, which is related to the system quality – continues Jussi Hirvonen, Executive Director of SULPU.

The heat-pump industry has continued its growth regardless of the years of recession. 600 000 Finnish heat pumps are already extracting as much as 5 TWh/a of local heat, renewable energy, from around buildings, from ground rock, from the ground or from the air. Last year, Finns invested approximately 400 million Euros in heat pumps. And the reason is known. Most of the time, the return on this investment is more than 10% per year. With the current interest rates and energy prices, not making a heat-pump investment decision in our conditions can only be put down to ignorance – continues Jussi Hirvonen.

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