The European Heat Pump Association awaits the right boost on the energy side

| The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) believes the Commission’s investment plan comes at a right time, yet sees a need for further clarification on the energy side of the proposal.

Commenting on the Plan, EHPA Secretary general Thomas Nowak said: “Europe has an investment gap. This is particularly visible when looking at the sluggish development of the construction sector in general and at the low renovation rate of buildings in particular. The Commission took the right decision in deciding to allocate part of the money from the new European Fund for Strategic investments to energy-efficiency (especially in public buildings) and to the development of renewables. 

The Commission is right in focusing on viable projects which can be swiftly implemented. However, in order to address the potential of the heating market, it is now of paramount importance to create clarity on the share of investment dedicated to heating projects. We hope that the joint European Commission-EIB task force to be set up and the Member States will show appropriate consideration to the heating and cooling sector and its high potential in meeting the fundamental objectives this investment plan aims to fulfil.”

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