Heat Pump Booklet | 2nd edition | all you need to know about heat pumps

Jun. 25, 2014 | REVOLVE's special edition on Heat Pumps is re-published

The second edition of the Heat Pump Booklet is now available! More heat pump applications and examples have been added so as to inform about the benefits of heat pumps. 

What is there for you? 

  • An interview with Paula Abreu Marques (DG Energy, Head of Unit for Renewables and CCS Policy)
  • How heat pumps work?
  • Applying heat pump technology
  • The Future Heat Pump City
  • Heat Pumps and Smart Grids
  • Efficient heat pump performance
  • European Heat Pump Markets 2013
  • The Refrigerant: an important component of heat pump systems
  • Thermally-driven heat pumps
  • More heat pump applications
  • EHPA quality label

View the booklet here.