Renewables share in EU28 energy consumption up to 14% in 2012

Mar. 11, 2014 | RES share of heat pumps are covered when information was available.

Recent Eurostat data reveals that the share of renewables in EU energy consumption has increased up to 14% in 2012.The European Member States are to reach a share of 20% of renewable energy sources (RES) in gross final energy consumption by 2020. According to that, Member States have introduced several measures and policies in order to implement this strategy. At the moment it shows that Bulgaria, Estonia and Sweden have already achieved their 2020 renewable energy target.

The year 2012 showed that there was a significant increase of the RES share in the overal energy mix (14,1% of of gross final consumption was produced by renewables) compared with 8,3% in 2004.Sweden, Denmark and Austria  (51%, 26% and 32% respectively) have shown the largest increases in the shares of renewables in the last 8 years (2004-2012).

The contribution of renewable energy from heat pumps is also covered for the Member States for which this information was available. EHPA will figure out which countries have reported the RES of heat pumps as such.

Download the press release here.