More favorable conditions for heat pumps in Belgium: VAT on electricity will drop from 21% to 6%.

| An average Belgian household would save about 100 euro annually on its electricity bill.

From 1 April 2014 until 31 December 2015 the VAT on electricity in Belgium will be decreased from 21 to 6 percent. For a normal household with an average consumption of 3500 kWh this would mean a savings of 96 euro per year.

Each household can calculate its benefit themselve by multiplifying their electricity bill by 0,876. The difference between the old and new bill is the amount you save.

Since the very large majority of heat pumps uses electricity, this measure creates favorable circumstances for the heat pump market in Belgium. When choosing for a heat pump a consumer automatically already saves a lot of energy because of the energy efficiency of the technology. With reduced electricity prices this would actually mean double savings.

As such EHPA is pleased to see this measure being implemented in Belgium and it hopes that other countries will also take efforts to counteract rising electricity prices.

In December 2015 the measure will be reviewed.