Large heat pumps in Europe

| EHPA focuses on large heat pump applications by setting up a working group

Large heat pumps can provide heating & cooling and hot water for factories and large service areas. The heat pump units are integrated into industrial or commercial processes for waste heat recovery (source: Dimplex). In terms of thermal output, large heat pumps can provide an amount greater than 100kW. 

This type of heat pumps has been overlooked the past years even though its potential can change the arena of renewable heating & cooling. EHPA together with a number of manufacturers have decided to join forces and set up a working group so as to discuss the opportunities and challenges of large applications as well as what needs to be done in order to achieve a bigger deployment in Europe. 

The first meeting of the Large Heat Pump Working Group will take place on the 3rd of September in Brussels. For more information please contact info[at]

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