Large Heat Pumps in Europe: Skjern Paper Factory

The town of Skjern is located in West Jutland, Denmark, and has a population of almost 8000 inhabitants. In December 2014, the local paper factory started delivering heat for the local district heating network of the city using three large heat pumps supplied by Johnson Controls.

The initial total power of these heat pumps was 3,9 MW, but at a later stage another heat pump supplied by the same manufacturer was added, increasing the total capacity to 5,2 MW. Together with direct surplus heat distribution, the plant achieves a total heat capacity of 8 MW, and a plant COP between 6,5 and 7. The heat pumps use the waste heat at a temperature between 28 – 33°C, and condensate at 70°C. The district heating grid covers 60% of the city of Skjern.

The total heat sold in 2015 was approximately 40 GWh. This corresponds to an annual saving of 8 200 tons of CO2. According to the management of the factory, the heat sales will increase to 45 GWh.

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