Large Heat Pumps in Europe: Drammen district heating

| The world’s largest low GWP refrigerant heat pump in district heating.

The municipality of Drammen has over 63 000 inhabitants and is located in the capital area of Norway. The city has a population density of 421/km2, and it is known for receiving environmental and urban development awards, including for their large heat pump and district heating grid. Their system takes advantage of the low prices of electricity in Norway and it has been operational since 2010. The three heat pump units use the 8°C deep sea water from the fjord to deliver heat at a temperature which can reach 90°C, and by doing so, the plant still manages to achieve a COP over 3. The refrigerant used is ammonia, which enables a greater efficiency than other synthetic refrigerants and does not present any global warming potential.

The heat pumps manage to cover 85% of the district heating demand, the rest being covered by oil boilers during the peak loads. With the use of this heating system, the plant reduces the CO2 emissions by approximately 15 000 t/a, as the electricity comes from renewable sources, and saves up to 6,7 million liters of fuel/year.

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