Italy introduces a new “eco” electricity tariff for houses heated with heat pumps


In 2014, in Italy a special “eco” electricity tariff will be implemented. The innovative aspect of this tariff is that its amount will be calculated without taking into account the real energy consumption of the consumer but the energy efficiency of the technology used and the cost of network services (transport, distribution and management of the electricity meter).

The decision was taken by the Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (Aeeg) an independent body which regulates, controls and monitors the electricity and gas markets in Italy.

The so-called “D1” tariff will be applied firstly on an experimental level and voluntary basis to customers who have decided to heat their house with heat pumps.

The proposed tariff will be part of the “2014 Distribution and Transmission package”. This package results from decision 204/2013, European and National regulations.

The aims of the tariff are to:

  • Meet the energy efficiency and renewable energy targets through the use and dissemination of innovative technologies such as heat pumps.
  • Overcome the market barrier for the deployment of heat pumps and electric vehicles.

The D1 tariff will be officially introduced after a public consultation on operational aspects. It represents the first step towards a new tariff reform that will decrease electricity bills and will make technologies like heat pumps financially more competitive.