Long awaited strategy must build on best available solutions

Jun. 18, 2015 | Press release on launch of EC debate on heating and cooling

During the European Sustainable Energy Week, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) published a position paper on the European Heating & Cooling Strategy, a guidance document the European Commission has announced to publish in Fall 2015.

The European heat pump industry stresses the need for such a strategy to realise the huge potential of the heating and cooling sector. The Strategy should be a major tool to fulfill all the objectives of the Energy Union (climate goals, energy security and competitiveness). EHPA calls for the commission to be ambitious in creating the framework around an ever more efficient and renewable - based thermal system fully integrated in smart energy grids.

To get there, the Strategy should activate the end-consumer and ensure maximum synergies between energy efficiency solutions, various renewable technologies and the aims of a circular economy.

In order to be effective, the Strategy should leave the "technology neutral" approach behind and instead be based on encouraging the use of best available solutions. Thomas Nowak, EHPA Secretary-General commented: ‘The energy transition is a huge challenge which will require effort and investment. Unleashing financial means needs trust. Investors need clear signs on where to become active. Without a functioning market for energy, a technology-neutral approach will be insufficient in achieving the 2030 climate and energy targets. Instead, using Ecodesign and similar measures can support investments into energy saving technologies and thus deliver quick and sustainable results. Society requires policy makers to be engaged.” Consequently, EHPA calls on the Commission to establish regular and objective assessment mechanisms on the performance and potential of various heating and cooling solutions (taking into account the variety of building types and needs and geographical specificities).  

EHPA’s position paper is available at here.



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