F-Gas tax to be launched in Spain

Dec. 06, 2013

As of the 1st of January 2014, Spain will launch a new tax regime which will be applied on the Carbon Dioxide equivalent of refrigerants  and will increase seriously the prices of HFCs.  Spain was the first to make such a proposal but suppliers warned that more EU governments might follow Spain's example. For the time being the tax will be applied only to HFCs. 

The proposed tax will affect seriously the future of the European heating and cooling industry since the costs of some HFCs will be up to 2000 per cent. Suppliers claim that the only solution will be to pass the whole cost on to contractors who will most probably do the same. 

The Spanish proposal goes hand in hand with the proposed F-Gas regulation which proposes to add a 10 euros a tonne 'producer tariff' to the price of HFCs.

 (Source: rac)