Energy Security ‘tragedy’ in the European Parliament

Jun. 10, 2015 | Comprehensive report falls victim to political play

Today’s rejection of the Saudargas report comes at an unfortunate time as the Parliament failed to echo, for political reasons, the strong political signal it decided to send on the very same day to countries it no longer considered as strategic partners… The European heat pump industry has been supportive of the report, in particular since it is convinced on the need for a strategy aiming at securing Europe’s supply security by decarbonising the energy mix and including a large share of renewables. 

Thomas Nowak, Secretary-General of the European Heat Pump Association: "ITRE's report had gone a long way from a mere diversification of gas supply routes to a broad and forward-looking vision including the crucial need to strive towards an efficient and renewable-based heating and cooling sector. We hope that energy security in a comprehensive sense will be brought back soon to the Parliament’s agenda. We also hope that any similar ’tragedy’ will be avoided in the upcoming discussions and votes on the EP Energy Union report."


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