EHPA welcomes new members!

In the beginning of the year 2014, EHPA had the pleasure to welcome three new members:

- The Heat pump Association of Ireland. HPA is the representative body of manufacturers and importers of heat pump in the Republic of Ireland.

- Kilfrost. : Kilfrost produces a wide range of inhibited glycol based heat transfer fluids which are used in heating, cooling and industrial applications.
All Kilfrost heat transfer fluids benefit from over 80 years of technical expertise in inhibiting glycols for safety critical applications. The product range exceeds the ASTM 1384-05 corrosion test standard providing high levels of corrosion protection.

- Yanmar. Yanmar Europe B.V. delivers technical solutions, products and services related to diesel engines and other power applications. Yanmar is dedicated to preserving the environment. In order to reduce energy consumption, Yanmar has built and implemented own on-premise energy system

If you want to know more about our members, visit our website