EHPA Quality Label extended to air/air heat pumps - Apply now!

Aug. 05, 2013

From the 1st of July 2013 onwards it is possible to obtain the EHPA Quality Label for air-to-air heat pumps. After several draft documents and internal discussions, the testing regulations have been finalised by our Technical Working Group. This group consists of a numerous of technical heat pump experts, coming from a wide range of institutes. The regulations for air-to-air units can, as for the other types, be found on our website.

If you as a manufacturer want to apply for the label, then please find the instructions on the procedure below:

  1. Get your single unit or model range tested at one of the EHPA recognised test centres. In order to know if your different units can be part of a model range, please check our document, which defines sets out the requirements of a model range.
  2. Apply at the national quality label commission in one of the participating countries of your choice.
  3. The national quality label commission will assess the application and will grant the label for that specific country.
  4. Once the label is granted, you will receive the official certificate and the label to be printed for putting it on the units. The label then may also be used for marketing purposes.

For more information on the EHPA Quality Label, please visit the Quality Label section on our website.