EHPA Press Release: Heat pumps - A "must" for Europe's Energy Union!

The European heat pump market is on the rise! This is the key finding of the most recent heat pump statistics and market report published by the European Heat Pump Association. The technology – being both energy efficient and renewable - can significantly contribute to the goals of the European Energy Union.

Today, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) has published the latest version of its European Heat Pump Market and Statistics Report 2014, the most comprehensive study compiling market data and statistics on heat pumps from 21 European countries. The Report also presents the latest technology and industry trends, gives an overview of the European policies affecting heat pumps and analyses the technologies contribution to energy efficiency, renewable energy use and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

The report reveals that after 3 years of stagnation and even a slight decline, the markets are recovering. 771 245 heat pump units were sold in Europe in 2013, an increase by 3% and early data for 2014 show this trend to continue.

Thomas Nowak, Secretary general of EHPA believes this is very encouraging news, not only for the heat pump sector but also for Europe’s broader policy goals. “It has been said that the future Energy Union should be about sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. Heat pumps can help meeting these three objectives – they are efficient, use renewables and thus reduce GHG emission. The industry is mature, and ready to deliver.  Solutions exist for nearly all application areas from residential to industrial use of heating and cooling. In addition, more heat pumps mean local jobs and create a true alternative to ‘problematic’ imports of fossil fuels.”

On security of supply, EHPA had recently issued a ‘Winter is coming’ paper showing how heat pumps could replace over time the total share of heat produced with imported Russian gas, while providing a fair contribution to meeting the EU’s 2030 targets.

The report issued today shows also that air remains the energy source mainly used by heat pumps and that heat pumps for domestic water are the fastest growing segment.

An executive summary of the Report is available here. Purchasing information can be found here.

Download the press release here.


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