Danish government to phase out/ban gas- and oil-fired boilers as from 2013

Apr. 26, 2012

On 22 March 2012, the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building announced that a political agreement was reached on an Energy Agreement. This document was adopted by the parties representing 171 seats out of 179 in the Danish Parliament. This is the biggest support that a decision ever had within the Danish Parliament.

The Energy Agreement includes initiatives that will speed up the process of using renewable energies. One of the measures is to reduce the use of oil and gas in buildings for individual heating.

In more concrete terms, the Energy Agreement wants:

  • to halt the installation of oil- and gas-fired boilers in new buildings as from 2013
  • to halt the installation of oil-fired boilers in existing builings in areas with district heating or natural gas as from 2016

To accomplish this, the Danish Ministry has committed to fund DKK 42 million (= 5.65 million euros) to fund the conversion from oil- and gas-fired boilers in existing buildings to renewable alternatives such as heat pumps.

In 2013, it will present a comprehensive analysis of the future alternative use of the gas infrastructure.