Commission communication on a 2030 policy framework for climate and energy lacks ambition - EHPA writes open letter

Jan. 22, 2014 | This communication - which is built upon the Green Paper from last year - calls for a binding 40% GHG reduction target as well as a binding renewable target of at least 27%, yet with no national targets. Energy efficiency will be looked at closer after the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive of mid-2014.

As it was expected the Commission published a communication, which lacks the ambition that is required to create a stable investment framework for the period 2020-2030. At the same time it is neglecting efforts of the past and puts the climate in danger by setting weak targets.

By only setting a GHG reduction target of 40% the Commission is only proposing a bit more than a business-as-usual situation (32%). This is even more unambitious if you consider that the EU will surpass its 2020 target by a couple of percentage points. The same is valid for a renewables target, whereby 27% is only a couple of percentage points more than if we would continue with the same efforts. No words have been written on an energy efficiency target.

The heat pump industry has worked hard to develop the current market. The technology is contributing to the efficient use of renewable energy and can be deemed essential for reaching any future targets. That is why EHPA will continue to strive for a meaningful and ambitious post-2020 energy and climate policy based on three binding targets.

As a reaction to the Commission communication EHPA has sent an open letter to the Commissioners and Heads of Cabinets of the Commission to express its concerns. The same letter has also been sent out to the press.

The Communication, together with the impact assessment and a communication on energy prices and costs can be find via this link.